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It started with a tiny speckle,
Just big enough to see.
It wasn't worth a battle,
As it was just meant to be.
But slowly it became a dot,
A blackness covering the flesh.
It wasn't a reminder of what I forgot,
But a revelation of something fresh.
Slowly it continued to change,
As it started to from a stain.
Wondering how I can watch my face,
And don't think of that pain.
The blackness kept on growing,
As soon it soaked my heart.
No more flesh is showing,
The blackness no longer is a part.
I have become one with darkness,
Because of all the wrong I did.
Kept in tome by my calmness,
Yet every time it's strength grows a bit.
Soon a flood will wash all away,
The blackness will siege command.
I just can't keep it at bay,
I am the one who I have damned.
My own mistakes created it all,
At first it seemed so innocent.
But it soon grew so tall,
And my heart suffers imprisonment.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 3 6
Just thinking about you makes me vomit,
My head starts to spin round and round.
When you open your mouth I only hear sh!t,
It's the most disturbing sound.
Deep inside I only feel regret,
I am sorry for you.
I just want to forget,
Because nothing is true.
You just lie and deceive,
Trying to bring people down.
You want everybody to believe,
That you deserve a crown.
Filthy and cheap,
Selfish and proud.
You follow others like a sheep,
Need them to help you out.
You are ignorant and a disgrace,
You don't even know.
People hate you in different ways,
Act nice just for show.
One day the won't hold it up,
Everything will be said.
You will be put to a stop,
And you will never forget.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 1 2
Windy scares :iconmathios13:Mathios13 1 2
Verstand / Sense
Je kent het spreekwoord wel,
Wijsheid komt met de jaren.
Maar je merkt al zo snel,
Je moet leren van je blaren.
Er zijn zo veel valkuilen in je leven,
Ontzettend veel kan fout aflopen.
Maar het gaat om nemen en geven,
Je kunt niet alleen op een leuke toekomst hopen.
Door fouten die je maakt,
Kansen die voorbij gaan.
Alles wat je raakt,
En de mensen die je bijstaan.
Dat samen vormt wie je bent,
Het zorgt voor wat je doet.
Pas dan kun zeggen dat je het kent,
Welke moeilijkheden je hebt ontmoet.
Maar het blijft lastig om te doen,
De juiste keuzes te maken.
Je kunt het niet overdoen,
Maar je kunt er wel in blijven haken.
Met 25 jaar ben je wijs genoeg,
Dat wordt tenminste gezegd.
Maar loop eens in een kroeg,
En wat je dan wordt voorgelegd.
Wijsheid komt inderdaad met jaren,
Maar een mens kan er niet genoeg krijgen.
Je kunt het niet bezwaren,
Je hebt genoeg fouten om te verzwijgen.
You know the saying, do you,
Wisdom comes with age.
But you find out so soon,
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0
I love you, I'll protect you
I love you, I'll protect you
Slowly it takes control of me,
It raises to the surface very slow.
A feeling that is slowly breaking free,
It wants the world to know.
The darkness in my heart,
It starts to show itself to the world.
The corrosion has start,
Slowly an ending stars to unfold.
I'm on the edge of good and bad,
Doubting which side to choose.
Slowly I'm going mad,
I'm letting my feelings loose.
But a little voice keeps speaking,
It keeps me from running wild someday.
The feelings are fleeting,
Every doubt goes away.
I'm pure of heart and mind,
I don't want to hurt you.
I've decided to remain kind,
And I know what to do.
I'll only be led by love,
I won't back down for fear.
Continue to do what I dream off,
Protect the people dear.
Even if I have to give my life,
I will do everything possible for me.
Love is the thing for what I strife,
Only then I can be free.
I will protect no matter what,
Keep you from getting hurt.
I remain with you from the start,
It's a promise not just word
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 1 5
Dyslexie / Dyslexia
De woorden van een dyslecticus,
Samen gevoegd tot één geheel.
Wanneer het op een papier berust,
Verteld het ineens zoveel.
Moeite noch baten komen te pas,
Alles vloeit over uit de pen.
Zou je het denken als je het las,
Dat ik dyslectisch ben.
Een samenhangend geheel,
Geschreven in één haal.
Normaal zeg ik niet veel,
Maar geschreven ben ik verbaal.
Niets blijft onbenoemd,
Geen enkel gevoel ongeuit.
Ik heb me met mijn dyslexie verzoend,
Het maakt helemaal niets uit.
Dyslexia ..?
The words of a dyslexic,
Combined to form a whole.
If it is based on a paper,
It suddenly tells so much.
Effort nor benefits come to pass,
All overflows from the pen.
Would you think it when you read it,
I'm dyslexic.
A coherent whole,
Written in one stroke.
Normally I do not say much,
But when written I'm verbal.
Nothing remains unnamed
Not a single feeling not expressed.
I have reconciled me with my dyslexia,
It does not really matter.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 2 0
Just a little wondering today,
Not sure if you will answer me.
But did I change your life in anyway?
Or was it a moment you already set free?
Will you remember me after a year or two?
Can you say that I'm in your heart?
Remember anything I do,
Or did you forget me right at the start?
Plain and simple, just a few words.
But think about them, the answer might hurt.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 2 2
De vrije loop / Letting things pass
De vrije loop
Betwistend en bedaard,
Al zuchtend blik je terug.
Mislukkingen zijn bewaard,
Maar vergeten gaat zo stug.
Ontvreemd en ontdaan,
Maar niet te wissen.
De gedachten blijft bestaan,
Hoe graag je ze ook wilt missen.
Hopeloos en onteerd,
Een samenspel van problemen.
Pech dat wederkeert,
Die gemakkelijk het geluk ontnemen.
Rust en tevredenheid,
Een staat die je zoekt.
Gevuld met angst en spijt,
Die je telkens weer ontmoet.
Geborgenheid en liefde,
Het geen dat ontbreekt.
Het gevoel dat je griefde,
Dat steeds de kop op steekt.
Vergeven en vergeten,
Dat gaat niet op.
Ik wil het zo graag weten,
Hoe zet ik mijn gedachten stop?
Letting things pass
Disputing and composed,
Sighing you look back.
Failures are preserved,
But forgetting goes so rigged.
Stolen and stripped,
But non-erasable.
The thoughts remain to exist,
How much you want to miss them.
Hopeless and dishonored,
A combination of problems.
Bad luck returns,
Which easily deprives happiness.
Peace and contentment,
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0
Goodbye my love
Goodbye my love
Gave you too much credit,
I thought you were better.
Now I simply regret it,
It no longer does matter.
I will go on with my life,
Without you by my side,
You will no longer be my strife,
Not even when we collide.
I tried to act nice and fair,
I tried to be a friend.
But you just don't care,
So this is the end.
I will never say I hate you with whole my heart,
I will never regret trying to connect with you.
But I should have know from the start,
That you would react the way you do.
It was nice for a while,
It was fun for a time.
I don't need your denial,
I'm not the one who committed a crime.
I didn't ignore a friend,
I tried to stay in touch.
But you put it to an end,
You probably thought it was too much.
Well goodbye my friend,
And goodbye my love.
My last wishes are send,
But you are no longer the one dreamed off.
The friendship has dried,
The love is withered.
I have cried,
I am bittered.
Goodbye my friend,
Goodbye my love.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 1 3
Die dagen Those days
Die dagen
Ken je van die dagen,
Dat je eigenlijk van alles wil.
Maar wanneer je iets wil vragen,
Dan val je volledig stil.
Ken je van die dagen,
Dat je opstaat met een goed gevoel.
Maar opeens ga je klagen,
Met de vrede ver uit doel.
Ken je van die dagen,
Dat alles goed lijkt te verlopen.
Maar je kunt het vast wel behagen,
Dat die dagen je juist slopen.
Ken je van die dagen,
Dat alles simpel weg hopeloos lijkt.
Je kunt de last amper dragen,
Omdat de zekerheid niet verder rijkt.
Ken je van die dagen,
Wanneer je gewoon in wilt geven,
Dat je niet dieper wil graven,
Je wil gewoon niet meer verder leven.
Those days
Do you know those days,
That you actually want just anything.
But when you want to ask something,
Then you fall completely silent.
Do you know those days,
That you get up with a good feeling.
But suddenly start to complain,
With peace being far from aim.
Do you know those days,
Everything seems to go right.
But you can probably agree,
That precisely those days demoli
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 2 0
Send me a poem
Send me a poem
I'd like a simple poem,
With an easy start.
It doesn't need big words,
But it must come from the heart.
A simple poem with feeling,
I can view once in a while.
A poem I feel relates to me,
And thats what makes me smile.
It doesn't need to be polished,
It shouldn't be too long.
I actually find it charming,
If some of the spellings are wrong.
To write a poem like this,
Shouldn't be too hard.
But if you need some help,
The words are in your heart.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0
Origami Dragon :iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0
Zintuigelijk Sensory
Zie je dat, die leegte in de verte,
Een duisternis ontneemt het licht.
Hoor je dat, die stilte die er hangt,
Het geluid verhuld het zwijgen.
Voel je dat, het niets om je heen,
De oneindigheid verraad de eenzaamheid.
Proef je dat, de bittere smaak in de lucht,
De smaak ontneemt de vreugde.
Ruik je dat, de zure geur in de omgeving,
De stank verhult het verraad.
Do you see that, the emptiness in the distance,
A darkness deprives the light.
Do you hear that, that silence which hangs,
The sound conceals the muteness.
Do you feel that, the nothing around you,
The infinity betrays the loneliness.
Can you taste it, the bitter taste in the air,
The taste deprives the joy.
Do you smell that, the sour smell in the area,
The stench conceals the betrayal.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0
Navi Ship :iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0
Close your eyes and breathe slow,
Just thing about the place you want to go.
Let your head rest on the pillow safe and sound,
You won't be disturbed by anything around.
You will start to dream about what you really want,
There is nothing in your dream you can;t.
You spread your wings and start to fly,
Soar gently on the wind through the sky.
Bounce from cloud to cloud,
Without any fear from falling out.
You can buy anything you desire,
From every shop and person you admire.
You will be able to kiss the one you love,
Without any chance that he will chase you off.
In your dreams everything seems real,
It's only joy and happiness you feel.
But one moment you have to wake up again,
And sadly there's no telling when.
Your dream will end and fade away,
But a part of it will always stay.
The best memories remain from then,
Hoping just to dream again.
I dream about you every night,
The only way we have a future in sight.
It's the only way to be together,
Hoping my dreams will last fore
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0
Dark sinister things
Dark sinister things
Ghosts, skeletons and dragons,
Burning horses in front of wagons.
People walking without heads,
Nobody cares about sudden deaths.
Disasters occur on a daily base,
Not a single murder becomes a case.
Werewolves and vampires fight every night,
It's just a common sight.
Zombies are eating a woman over there,
They fight each other so they don't have to share.
Ghosts are haunting a boy,
It's his screaming they enjoy.
The skeletons are killing men,
Simply because they can.
Dragons fly high up in the sky,
Torching everything that captures their eye.
The grim reaper passes by with its scythe,
But you can't see what's inside.
All those creepy creatures surround you,
But they don't mind what you do.
You are just like them
Hurting people just because you can.
And I am just a scared boy coving up,
Hoping one day all this madness will stop.
Terrified of the future ahead,
Hoping for some luck instead.
Trying just to survive,
I want to live my own life.
:iconmathios13:Mathios13 0 0


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Mathios13's Profile Picture
Hi, nice of you to visit me.

I'm Mathijs.

I'm an 20 year old guy from the Netherlands,
Spending my free time writing poetry and little stories,
Creating art from paper, or drawing whatever I feel like.

I hope one day to be a well know poet.

I started writing poetry around the age of 17/18.
Mainly just to put my thoughts and feelings out of my head and heart.
Because I had someone close who I wanted to share it with.
Eventually I started to share my work, and thats the reason I'm here.

To inspire other people, and help them through troubled times.

So if my art made you laugh, cry or inspired you I would love to hear it.


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